"war" Movies

Squadron 303 (2018)

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This is the story of the highly regarded fighter squadron, in which served mainly airmen from Poland, in the history of aerial combat and their heroic defence of England during WW2, Battle ... See full summary »

Lancaster Skies (2019)

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Douglas, a broken, solitary, Spitfire Ace, must overcome his past to lead a Lancaster bomber crew in the pivotal aerial war over Berlin, in 1944.

Oma maa (2018)

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D-Day Assassins (2019)

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In 1944, group of rebellious American soldiers known as "The Filthy Thirteen" parachute into Normandy to carry out a deadly mission.

Warfighter (2018)

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Rusty Wittenburg is a Navy SEAL struggling to balance his family life and his job. He fights daily to maintain the line between reality and the nightmares his PTSD conjures up for him. Dedicated to his team and his mission, he is willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for his fellow brothers and teammates.

Goyo: Ang batang heneral (2018)

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The story of Gregorio 'Goyo' del Pilar, one of the youngest Generals during the Philippine-American War who fought in the historic Battle of Tirad Pass.

Girls of the Sun (2019)

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A Kurdish female battalion prepares to take back their town from extremists.

7 Days in Syria (2015)

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In the most dangerous country in the world for journalists, Newsweek Middle East editor, Janine di Giovanni, risks it all to bear witness, ensuring that the world knows about the suffering of the Syrian people.

High Life (2019)

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A father and his daughter struggle to survive in deep space where they live in isolation.

The Balkan Line (2019)

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1999, Serbia is bombed and Kosovo region is left for plunder by bandits under command of Albanian warlord, Smuk. The removal of the human organs take place within the territories bandits ... See full summary »

Spasti Leningrad (2019)

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September 1941. In a turn of events young lovebirds Kostya and Nastya find themselves on board of a barge that will evacuate people from sieged Leningrad. At night the barge gets into the ... See full summary »

Kurier (2019)

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Kesari (2019)

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A period war drama, Kesari tells the story of Havildar Ishar Singh who participates in the Battle of Saragarhi in which an army of 21 Sikhs fought against 10,000 Afghans in 1897 while yearning for the respect of his estranged daughter.

Bratstvo (2019)

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Resilience and the Last Spike (2019)

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11-year-old adventurer Resilience "Rizzy" O'Neil and her family are camping and exploring the remote Utah desert. While Rizzy is trying to discover for herself the mystery of the lost ... See full summary »

Strawberry Flavored Plastic (2019)

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A sensational, sentimental, and philosophical horror neo-noir that follows the still-at-large crimes of Noel, a repentant, classy and charming serial killer loose in the suburbs of New York.

Gorilla (2019)

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Freshman Year (2019)

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A Christian high school graduate is challenged by social and peer pressure during his freshman year in a state university.

Don't Shoot the Messenger (2019)

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Sean and Paula have been dating for ten years, but at the tender age of 25, Sean is ready to spread his wings and venture off without Paula. He loves her, but he doesn't want to hurt her ... See full summary »

Kingdom (2019)

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In ancient China, a young boy dreams of becoming the greatest general of the Qin Kingdom.